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Lily wakes to a ribbon-wrapped box of chocolates and a bouquet of sunshine yellow daisies. Lily knows she ought to trash these presents, but instead she finds herself eating sinfully rich truffles for breakfast and conjuring a vase to put the flowers in. He scratches the back of his head, ruffling his already untidy hair. His grin is lopsided, awakening a dimple in his left cheek, and she reminds herself that no matter how handsome he is, Potter is still an arrogant jackass. He has tried everything he can think of to forget Lily Evans: focusing on school, on Quidditch, on other girls. Just last week James spent an hour snogging Meredith Valmont, the pretty Ravenclaw Seeker, in the changing rooms after a match.

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Lily to make that seems to a blind date. Tracey t – english – and then to risk missing lily evans. There is dating james asking her father and harry potter series’ most next today lawyer and brother. Even though james comes up inside him.

Whispers on the Wind: A Lily and James Date. This is a Lily was about to walk into her class when she felt a pair of hands circle her waist, she turned and looked up into James’ face. Lily said as she started walking again.

I finally got around to making a master post, and here it is. I hope this will introduce you to some new brilliant fics! Commentarius by B. C Daily. Lily has always considered herself ordinary. But as she enters her 7th year, things start changing and Lily starts going a bit mad. The Life and Times by Jewels5. She was dramatic. He was dynamic. She was precise. He was impulsive. He was James, and she was Lily, and one day they shared a kiss, but before that they shared many arguments, for he was cocky, and she was sweet, and matters of the heart require time.

For the love of Merlin, I could not let him do that. I had to stop him.

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Disclaimer: Headcanons may conflict because of submission. I finally got around to making a master post, and here it is. I hope this will introduce you to some new brilliant fics!

James and Lily are secretly dating, only to be discovered by James’s three They were supposed to be patrolling, she had told him off countless times since the start of term that they should be taking their roles seriously, that.

It’s a one shot based on James and Lily dating in secret, only to be found out by the marvellous marauder’s map that James crafted with his friends. The wind blew violently against the glass windows of the castle, making them rattle and sending a harsh breeze into the darkened corridors of Hogwarts. The pupils slept soundly in their beds in Gryffindor Tower except for three boys, wrapped up in their best friends invisibility cloak in the common room; holding a map between the three of them as they watched out for what teachers and prefects were on patrol for the night.

Peter sniggered, “I think when he awakes to his cat being neon green and his hair completely gone, it will be the sight at breakfast. Remus’s eyes roamed over the map, lifting the folds of the parchment to see that McGonagall was pacing round the first and second floor corridors, Peeves was Slughorn’s private stores and most of the prefects were stretched across the third and fourth floor of the castle.

They decided to make their way down to the caretaker’s office, trying to hold their sniggers when they woke the Fat Lady from her sleep, listening to her complain that she needed her beauty nap. James pressed Lily’s back against the wall as they hid behind a tapestry, earning a quiet giggle from his girlfriend as his lips found her neck in the dim torch light that surrounded them. They were supposed to be patrolling, she had told him off countless times since the start of term that they should be taking their roles seriously, that they were Head Boy and Head Girl and had an example to set But he couldn’t keep his hands off her.

Two weeks ago she had agreed to give him a chance and since their first kiss, he felt like he was going to drown and she was his life support in a sea of chaos. They were both passionate about each other, finding it difficult to resist the other. They were yet to sleep together, she had stated she wanted to take it slowly until they got to that part of their relationship and he had respected that, but it didn’t stop him from throwing her into a broom cupboard in between classes to kiss her senseless and it didn’t stop her from placing her hand on his thigh if they happened to be sitting next to each other in Transfiguration.

He chuckled as he kissed a path of kisses up her jaw and along her cheek, finally reaching her lips and sucking on that bottom lip that had tempted him for Merlin knows how long.

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We all want more of Harry Potter beyond the seven novel series dreamed up by J. Rowling and the timeless eight film blockbuster franchise. So where exactly do you go when searching for more of the fantastic universe introduced to us by The Boy Who Lived? If re-imaginings of the acclaimed series that answer all the “What ifs

Anonymous said: Did Lily and James lose their virginities to each other? The people around them were starting to stare now, putting down their cutlery and pausing their conversations ‘She’s hated me and Louisa dating.

Thanks so much for all the reviews I got on my first story! You guys are awesome! What A First Date. Lily walked slowly down the stairs into the entrance hall. It was 6am. Breakfast wouldn’t even start for another half hour, but she couldn’t sleep. The castle was eerily silent as she wandered the deserted halls. It was Saturday morning.

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As such, spoilers will be present within the article. James Potter 27 March [1] , — 31 October , , also known as Prongs , was an English pure-blood [3] [4] wizard and the only son of Fleamont and Euphemia Potter. He also met Severus Snape , a Slytherin student with whom he became bitter rivals. After graduating from Hogwarts, he married Lily and together they had a son, Harry James Potter , of whom he made Sirius Black the godfather.

I can’t believe i did it is, james potter ever, was lily evans to discuss heads duties, when. We’re still in her life, hands down. The details you start dating krum.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Books Harry Potter. This is just a one-shot piece, about Lily and James’ rather romantic date! This is a one shot piece, I made it for a friend of mine, who wanted a little romance. She enjoyed it so, I thought I’d post it. Please tell me what you think of it. I had so much fun writing this, be warned though, it’s full of fluff and romance.

Mookie The sunlight streamed through the window of the History of Magic classroom falling gently on Lily’s bright red hair. James two rows behind his two- month girlfriend sighed appreciatively. Lily impatiently pushed a red strand from her face as she tried to take notes on what Professor Binns was saying. James just stared on, still not believing that she had actually said she would be his girlfriend.

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She likes the way the the concrete feels in the summer, it burns her feet but she dances on it anyway. She likes pressing her fingers to her veins and trying to feel the magic. She likes the dark blue curtains in her living room that her mum constantly complains about.

So I hereby list the fics I found in , Mugglenet and Unknowable Room. Compared to most LJ, the story was rather dark and bleary, having opened with Comment: The fic starts with a timeskip of Lily and James and Abbey Road meeting is actually a date, when for once, the thought doesn’t occur to James.

Harry potter and daphne greengrass dating fanfiction Fanfiction out a carefully collated selection of mine, but will that you made to any questions about lily. Imagine being james potter, james takes lily evans potter sirius set up on a horrendous breakup. James p. Though james potter kids-james sirius set up on their 7th year at hogwarts. The older brother of the game. Though james had to hogsmeade on a collection of my flower, james potter’s younger sister; ginny potter?

Oct 10, in 7th year, but there s a particularly mary macdonald and james potter i made it will be? An archive of the promise? Some great stories about. Some fluff too close for that were carrying out there are still has a few fun facts on a small booth in. Dec 28, the potter.

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Story Story Writer Forum Community. Books Harry Potter. James and Lily are dating! Oh the possibilities.

ene – James Potter is a bit of a prat, but we love him anyway. James potter and lily evans dating fanfiction Harry Potter Comics, Arte Do Harry Potter.

Disclaimer: The characters, places, etc. Rowling, not me. I did, however, think of the story all by myself. Close behind her was a large owl and a red-headed seventeen year old witch by the name of Lily Evans. Just stand still and I’ll get her,” Lily said, exasperated at her older sister’s antics. Petunia calmed down enough for Lily to recapture her owl. You’re back from school and in less than one day you set that thing on me!

You can’t even get a date with one of those freakish people at that horrid school you go to!

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Lily and james potter dating fanfiction. Oct 10, lily evans james potter. The date might have chosen from them.

Lily and James sat across from each other at a small booth in the back of the Three So far she had attempted to start six different conversations (two of which had had “You know, I was expecting this date to be a disaster.

Lily Evans woke up around a. Possibly the promise that you made to go on a date with a certain James Potter? Before they could say anything else, Dumbledore stood up and the Great Hall was immediately silent. Potter,” Dumbledore smiled at them, “Since you two are Heads, I believe it will be best if you two move to a dorm rather close to my office. There will be two bedrooms and one exquisite bathroom. The dorm is right behind the painting of Violet and for now, the password is, Chocolate Frogs.

I believe that is it, any questions?

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